Christmas is coming – don’t miss Advent!

Advent – a time to prepare for the coming at Christmas. Beginning the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Advent is a time for quiet, for waiting, for pondering how the Creator of All comes to us as a vulnerable new-born baby. Amazing! Unbelievable! Fantastic! Once Christmas arrives, then it’s time to celebrate – for twelve days straight! But how can you wait in silence when all the culture offers you is noise? My latest song, “Pretty Presents” confronts this reality. Check it out. You can listen to it free right here. I’d love to hear what ways and traditions you have for living Advent as it was meant to be. -Michael-

2 thoughts on “Christmas is coming – don’t miss Advent!

  1. Loved your song and its message. Our family is reading an Advent Devotional distributed by our church this year, and it helps us focus on His coming–the first time as a baby, and the second time as our King. Wishing you success in using your gifts for the Giver of every good gift.

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