New Year for Greatness

Here it is! The song that is the favorite among my favorite people in the world. May it encourage you to make/to continue the journey!

In this new year, each of us is older. But what else? Are you filled with the joy and satisfaction of a life well-lived, of dreams fullfilled, of challenges overcome, of new life discovered?

Each day, but especially each new year, offers us an opportunity to be like the Three Wise Men – Men who were overjoyed, who chose to set out on a journey to encounter the incomprehensible love of God.

If you listen to my music, then you’re most likely one of those people who DO chose to set out and make life a magnificent adventure, one filled with moments that are exceedingly joyful. You also know that the adventure is not easy. A long journey through the desert is not a walk in the park.

This month’s offering
I’m sharing a song from my very first original album. I hope it will help you reflect on years gone by and motivate you to set some marvelous goals for the year ahead. The title of the song is “Older.”

Mike as Musician photos 2-8-02 018 copy

The above picture of me is from the recording studio at the time the song “Older” was recorded.

I didn’t think I was “older,” but I was being handed clues in subtle ways.


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3 thoughts on “New Year for Greatness

  1. When I heard your songs I could not believe this was the same Mike who I first meet when he was in Junior High/High School Youth group at Spirt of Christ Church. Wow I got all choked up and proud to be able to say I know the Capone family for so many years. The music is beautiful and very praise worthy and yes you are using your gifts from God for His glory.

    1. Who ever knows what fruit may come when you give yourself in service? Ray, thank you for the sacrifice you and your wife made! You provided us youth an environment for our tender faith to grow and gave us an example of how to live a life of service. I am eternally grateful!

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