Do I Do All I Can?


Yesterday beloved Mother Teresa of Calcutta was declared a Saint! Is anyone surprised by this? Of course not.  She led a life of heroic virtue, and miracles were witnessed as evidence of her holy life.  What a joyful moment and powerful example for us who live in these troubling times.

But how did we get into trouble? Was it by giving our all to love and serve others, to “do small things with great love” or ”ordinary things with extraordinary love” as Mother Teresa would say? I don’t think so.

Which do you think she would say…”I do all I can to love God and serve Him” or “I do as little as possible…”?

A Free Song That Leads To Joy

As we leave summer and approach the last quarter of 2016, I want to encourage all of you to make a valiant effort as you work toward your ultimate destiny, your greatest happiness. May you be like Saint Teresa growing in love each day as you put yourself at the service of others.

While striving to do All I Can to serve God and others, I realize I need help…lots of help. So I call upon the Virgin most powerful, most prudent, most amiable, most faithful, the Holy Mother of God, and ask for her intercessory prayers. As this month’s offering, I present to you All I Can, an intimate prayer request to our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. May you gain the help you need with the assistance of this simple song.


Diving Deeper Into Yourself

In the United States, we have a yearly national tribute, Labor Day. It gives us a moment to reflect on how good labor is, and that excellence in our labor makes us prosper and have a sense of well-being. The talents we employ in our labor are meant to be shared, so our labor produces benefits for society, not just for ourselves.

But there is a destructive force in our culture that threatens to destroy us and our society. It is called Minimalism, a philosophy of our age.

Are You A Minimalist?

In Rediscover Catholicism, Matthew Kelly explains that “the minimalist is always asking, “What is the least I can do?” For example:
What is the least I can do and still keep my job?
What is the least I can do and still get reasonable grades in school?
What is the least I can do and still keep my marriage alive?
What is the least I can do and still stay physically fit?
What is the least I can do and still get to Heaven?
What is the least I can do and still ______________?”[Rediscover Catholicism, p. 28]
This kind of thinking destroys the one who thinks it and hurts the community in which he/she lives.

Strive for excellence!

Whether you are an employee/student, father/mother, or grandma/grandpa, strive for excellence. Don’t be mediocre. You are called to greatness! How are you going to answer that call if your goal is to be barely acceptable?

How about supplanting those self-destructive ideas with some great ideas? Your thoughts determine your actions. How about asking questions that lead you to doing your best, like:
What more can I do to be a better employee?
What more can I do to be a better learner in my studies?
What more can I do to to love my spouse?
What more can I do to be physically fit?
What more can I do to to love my family, friends and neighbors?
What more can I do to love God?
What more can I do to _______________?
This can be like an examination of conscience that you do regularly, making resolutions, or an evaluation that you do as you refine your life plan and set goals.

May you be grateful for your work, be industrious in it, and find joy in its fruits.

Michael John

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