AdventHolidays (Holy-days)

Will you trade a Black Friday for a Violet Sunday?

No Contest

Two days ago, Black Friday meant shopping. Tomorrow, what I and only I call Violet Sunday, will mean an opportunity to encounter the God of the Universe.
There is no contest, especially since shopping is one of my least favorite things to do.

__ Shopping Days Left Until Christmas

Do you care how many shopping days there are until Christmas? Maybe you do. Maybe you’re the kind of generous, thoughtful, helpful person that is so careful to take care of everything and everybody.
I struggle. I have to streamline, keep things simple. I don’t care how many shopping days there are until Christmas.
I care about how many heart preparation days there are. Starting tomorrow, the First Sunday of Advent, we have the most we’re ever going to get, 28, because Christmas will be on a Sunday this year. If I prepare well during those 28 days, then I can use the Twelve Days of Christmas – at my leisure and without crowds – to buy gifts, usually at deep discounts. You can too.

Violet Sundays – Four Opportunities To Orient Our Hearts

But I can’t skimp on the heart prep, and I hope you won’t either. There is tremendous joy shared by those who really prepare for and celebrate the Christmas Season (which, by the way, starts on Christmas Day).
So some years ago, I began writing songs for Advent (whose liturgical color is violet). As the Church, for the First Sunday of Advent, introduces violet for the Season, so I want to introduce to you some violet songs. As the visible violet moves our hearts and minds, so the audible violet contained in my new release of Advent songs is designed to help prepare our hearts for Christmas. I hope you check it out and let me know what you think. Leave a comment below. I love hearing from you.adventanthologycd_cover3d-no-space-btwn-jc
Have a Blessed Advent Season.

Michael John

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