Are You Feeling Joyful Anticipation?

Are You Feeling Joyful Anticipation?

Lost In Darkness – Me?

Imagine being trapped in a deep, dark cavern from which there is no escape. Then you hear that you are going to be saved! There is only one person in existence who can save you, and He is coming!

The Savior Comes At Christmas, Before, or After

A few years ago, a good friend of mine died during this time of year. The Savior came for him BEFORE Christmas, during the Advent Season. He was ready to meet Him. My friend knew what was essential and did it.
How about us? Are we focused on the essential: Preparing to meet our Savior? How about trying these: Prayer, penance, silent reflection on the mystery, sitting in darkness with only the light of a candle, spending time with Mary awaiting the birth of her precious child.
This I find helpful for little children (me included): Grab a handful of straw or lawn clippings and with each good action, place one piece in the manger to make a soft bed for Baby Jesus by Christmas Day.
Simple, perhaps difficult, yet profound. Try these things and see how much more joyful Christmas becomes.

Try Something New

The time before Christmas is called Advent. Christmas Day is the first day of the Christmas Season. What happened to Advent? What happened to the Twelve Days of Christmas beginning December 25th? Today’s cultural practices in the USA don’t reflect the beautiful order of Advent, then Christmas.
How about introducing Advent music into the Advent Season? (Save the Christmas music for the Christmas Season). My newest release for 2016, the “Waiting With Joy Advent Anthology,” has received rave reviews.

Help Others Experience The Joy of Christmas

Help yourself and those you care about focus for these last two weeks of Advent. Send them a song mp3 and a wish for a Blessed Advent. It’s as quick and easy as sending them an email. For a contribution of $0.99 per song or $4.95 per album, it’s as inexpensive as a greeting card. Plus, if you want to send it out to the masses (everyone on your email list), just select the discount code appropriate to the volume. It is so simple and so inexpensive to be a positive influence.
Living Advent helps us overflow with joy at Christmas.
Let’s finish this Advent strong in prayer, penance, and joyful anticipation.
Sharing this new music can help.

Have a Blessed Advent Season.
Michael John
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