It’s Okay To Skip Valentine’s Day

This year, Valentine’s Day lands on Ash Wednesday. It’s a day of fasting, penance, ashes,… not really the best day for romance. Instead of Valentine’s Day, celebrate World Marriage Day, the 2nd Sunday in February. It happens before Valentine’s Day and before we enter the Season of Lent.

I admire those courageous people who continuously respond to the call to marriage and family life. This past year, I had the great pleasure of witnessing five glorious weddings – joyful, self-giving, remarkable weddings! I also have the steadfast example of my own parents who are approaching the completion of six decades of faithful love!

Living out this calling is difficult. We need to celebrate our victories!

How will you celebrate? There are so many ways. What would you recommend to other couples? Please leave your comments below.

May you see how God blesses you for your courageous example of love and fidelity.

You’re in my prayers,


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One thought on “It’s Okay To Skip Valentine’s Day

  1. Hey that was well said!
    Remember that it is actually (Saint Valentine’s Day!) Our secular world conveniently leaves off the religious label to water down the true meaning…

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